ethics in jungle

Some of this can be regarded as a wise attitude and behavior while inthe woods.
o   No doodling on tree trunks and rocks in the forest. Behavior scribbletrees and rocks in addition to damaging the beauty of the beauty of theforest, can also hurt the tree. Why? because this action can cover thestomata (the exit point of the air, the CO2 and O2), which indirectly willinterfere with air exchange of plant cells to the environment and vice versa. Forests have an important role in reducing air pollution.
  • No catch, injure, and kill the animal inhabitants of the forest.Disruptive behavior of animals (animals) living wild in the forest even though the animals were not among the rare and protected animals candisrupt the ecosystem balance.
  • When camping in the woods, use a place that has been available. Orif there was no place to camp, use the forest rather roomy and flatwithout the need to cut down trees, even if only bush, shrub or small tree.
  • not leave cigarette butts that have not really dead. Although only asmall embers but cigarette butts can be one cause of forest fires,especially during the dry season.
  •  No leave trash, mainly inorganic waste like plastic and plastickaleng.Sampah take up to hundreds of years to decompose naturally.And as long as not biodegradable, plastic waste will pollute the forest,destroying the cycle of air exchange in the soil, poisoning the soil andharm the creatures living in the forest.
  • Save the garbage that we produce in a special container and thendispose of in proper trash or destroyed outside the forest or destroyed.It would be better if the waste contained in the forest was also taken.
  • use twigs or leaves that have broken or fallen during a bonfire.Behavior cut down trees to build a fire to destroy the forest.
  •  Rage Again campfire if it has been completed until completelyextinguished, including the remaining embers. Clean the site of the former campfire.
  • Do not bring back plants or animals of the forest. Keep your good memories during their stay in the woods in the camera image or avideo camera as souvenirs.
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