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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora-Bora is a French island colony located near tahiti. This beach is often used as a paradise for couples who want to honeymoon. (Romantic heaven on earth). 
Not just the beach is the main attraction-bora bora, behind the resort beach there is also a beautiful panoramic mountain called Mount otemanu. 

The Super Outbreak (April 3-4, 1974)

From the name alone is horrible, what about the storm? Which can only be explained when it is 148 tornado devastated thugs who are 13 states in America. This storm did not take place within 1-2 hours, but lasts for 24 hours.

Finally in 1974, officially announced the news as many as 330 people dead and 5,000 injured. If the 148 tornadoes were combined, it will generate a storm covering 2.500 miles / terms. 

Sun Dogs

The phenomenon where the sun is numbered 3 pieces.

Light Pillars

Visual phenomena created by light reflection.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

lakes in the world

-Caspian Sea 
Location: Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran
Area (km ²): 394,299
Length (miles): 1199
Maximum depth (m): 946
Caspian Sea or Mazandaran Sea is a landlocked sea between Asia, Azerbaijan, Iran (province of Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan), Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and Europe (Russia), Dagestan, Kalmykia and the Astrakhan Oblast. He is the largest inland body of water, with a surface area of 371,000 km ², and therefore has the characteristics possessed by the sea and lakes. He is often ranked as the world's largest lake, though it does not contain fresh water but salt water. 

Location: United States, Canada
Area (km ²): 82,414
Length (km): 616
Maximum depth (m): 406
Lake Superior is the largest North American Great Lakes that restrict Ontario in Canada, and Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in the United States. He is the largest freshwater lake in the world in surface area.

- Victoria 
Location: Tanzania, Uganda
Area (km ²): 69,485
Length (km): 322
Maximum depth (m): 82
Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza (also known as Ukerewe) is the largest lake in Africa, the world's largest tropical lake, and the second largest freshwater lake in surface area of the world after Lake Superior. The lake is located in a plateau in the western Great Rift Valley of Africa and regulated by Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

lakes in the world

- Huron 
Location: United States, Canada
Area (km ²): 59,596
Length (km): 397
Maximum depth (m): 229
Salsh Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes United. Is that all three of the estuary. Such as Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior, the lake is also shared between the United States and Canada 

Location: United States
Area (km ²): 58,016
Length (km): 517
Maximum depth (m): 281
Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes in North America that restrict U.S. states: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Chicago is the largest city on Lake Michigan.

Location: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Area (km ²): 59,596
Length (km): 397
Maximum depth (m): 229
The lake is located in Central Asia are in northern Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the south.

lakes in the world

- Tanganyika 
Location: Tanzania, Republic of Congo
Area (km ²): 32,893
Length (km): 676
Maximum depth (m): 1435

This lake is the largest and deepest canyon lake in deepest Africa or number two in the world and save the largest freshwater reserves in the Western Rift in the Great Rift Valley and is in the area of four countries, namely Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia,

- Baikal 
Location: Russia
Area (km ²): 31,500
Length (km): 636
Maximum depth (m): 1741

Lake Baikal or also known as Blue Eye of Siberia and the Holy Sea is the deepest and oldest lake in the world and the most (in content) bargaining water on Earth. This lake contains more than 20% of the world's freshwater and more than 90% of freshwater Russia. 

-. Great Bear 
Location: Canada
Area (km ²): 31,080
Length (km): 373
Maximum depth (m): 82 

- Nyasa 
Location: Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania
Area (km ²): 30,044
Length (km): 579
Maximum depth (m): 706.

Travel Tips to Raja Ampat.

1.Daily flight with Lion Air, Merpati and Air Express from Jakarta to Sorong with stop over in Napier. Ticket prices ranged between 2.5 million to 4 million round-trip depending on the season.
2. Choosing a dive operator who has experience in this area. There are two ways to live in the inn Kri island, Waigeo, Mansuar and Misol or put another way by liveaboard boats. Many liveaboard dive operators that offer this service.
3. Traveling with the group can push the budget. This is useful when doing a deal with a supply ship or resort owners. The resort at Kri Island are more expensive, ranging from 900 - 1500 euros per person for 7 days (excluding airfares). They generally always give special rates for Indonesian citizens.
4. Alternatively the resort owned by local governments that are much cheaper and pegged the rupiah.
5. Cost liveaboard charter boat with a capacity of maximum 14 participants, ranging from 90-110 million for the week-long cruise 

Substance In The Dead Sea Water

Intake of minerals is vital for the body's cells, top experts from around the world to analyze more than 21 types of minerals found dead at sea, they found that these sea mineral concentrations up to 10%, is far more than the mineral content of sea water is only 3%. Among so many kinds of minerals, here are some which are beneficial to health:
1. Magnesium
Activate the enzyme in the body and act as a substance that helps the use of vitamins and other minerals, such as vitamin C that will not be useful to the body without magnesium. In addition, these substances also serves to regulate the metabolism of body cells.
2. Potassium
Potassium works to stimulate and maintain and the ability of muscle contractions and nerve, is also useful to regulate osmosis and water levels in the body's balance.

3. Sodium
Sodium helps to protect the body from losing water and regulate muscle activity.
4. calcium
Calcium regulate levels of acidity in the blood.
5. Iodine
Iodine plays an important role in the formation of the hormone thyroxine, and also important for energy and cell metabolism.
There is no harm to try the wonders of the salt and mud from the Dead Sea. No need to bother to go to Israel or Jordan for mendapatkanya because now there are some beauty products that sell salt and Dead Sea mud. But remember do not carelessly buy, make sure you are buying is the Dead Sea salt and mud of the original.

Catatumbo lightning in Venezuela

Catatumbo is a lightning-called people of Venezuela. because lightning is always grabbing the river every time it looks. If you paddle in a boat in the area and looks cloudy. been confirmed you will be struck by lightning. lightning this time was different. Lightning is always grabbed in the same area. Catatumbo river estuary near the lake maracaribo venezuela. Asada anything with that area so that the flow of positive electricity in the 
region's rivers. scientists are still puzzled about this. to learn enough to risk your life to just one of them. counted in a year that lightning can be hard to grab Catatumbo river with 160 times a year. keanehanpun not until here that lightning just came out and grabbed it only at night. hmmm weird not .. online magazine sayaikut team was shaking his head

Stunning Victoria Falls

One of the tallest and, at the same time, most spectacular waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls never ceases to amaze people. One of the highest and, at the same time, the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls never ceases to amaze people. This true spectacle of nature Should be on everybody's must-see/go-to list, but until you book a flight to Zimbabwe, Google Earth Should do the trick. This spectacle of nature really should be on the list must-see/go-to everyone, but until you book a flight to Zimbabwe, Google Earth should do the trick. (See on Google Maps | Coordinates: -17 ° 55 '31.84 ", +25 ° 51' 29.60") (See on Google Maps | Coordinates: ° 51 '-17 ° 55' 31.84 ", 25 29.60 ') 
Note: Use the coordinates for inputting into Google Earth. Note: Use to enter the coordinates into Google Earth. If you'd have the software installed, you can use Google Maps as an alternative. If you want to have the software installed, you can use Google Maps as an alternative. It's not even half as fun, but still pretty incredible. It's not even half the fun, but still quite remarkable

ice spikes

These sharp ice spikes can only be found at high altitudes. This sharp ice spikes can only be found at high altitude. Ice (or snow) That formations take the form of blades or spikes varying from A Few centimeters to 2 meters (or even more) Researchers have fascinated since Darwin's time, as he was the first to ever describe Them. Ice (or snow) formations in the form of a knife or a nail that vary from several centimeters to 2 meters (or even more) has fascinated researchers ever since Darwin's time, because he was the first person ever to describe them

or icespout

The even rarer 'cousin' of the waterspouts is the snowspout (or icespout). 'Cousin' who rarely even a tornado are snowspout (or icespout). Basically They are a very rare form of waterspouts That form at the base of a snow squall. They are basically a very rare form of waterspouts that form at the bottom of a snow storm. There have only been six (!) Pictures taken of Such an event, so there's not really much We can give you here. There are only six (!) Pictures taken from such an event, so not really much we can give you here.


When you hear a name like Maelstrom, you just know it's about something wicked. When you hear names such as vortex, you just know it's about something bad. Introduced in Bahasa Indonesia by Edgar Allan Poe from the Nordic languages, from the which it CAME from the Dutch word Maelstrom (maalstroom in modern spelling), it literally means current crushing, the which is quite a very good description. Introduced into English by Edgar Allan Poe of the Nordic languages, from which he derived from the Dutch word vortex (maalstroom in modern spelling), literally means to destroy this moment, a fairly good description of a very. 


Maelstrom digital representation of a digital representation of a vortex
A maelstom is Basically a very big and powerful whirlpool, a free vortex; a free vortex with quite a downdraft. maelstom is basically a huge whirlpool and strong, the vortex-free; free vortex with considerable downdraft. The original Maelstrom was Moskstraumen, the which is Caused by a very powerful tidal current. Moskstraumen original vortex, which is caused by very strong tidal currents. Both Poe and Jules Verne depict it as a giant vortex That leads to the bottom of the ocean where it is in fact a Crossroad of underwater currents. Both Poe and Jules Verne describes as a giant vortex that leads to the seabed where it is actually an intersection of underwater currents. Well .. Well .. They were the resource persons a bit off, but still, it's quite a view to catch. they are a little off, but still, it's enough to catch the view.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London's most recognizable landmarks and possible one of the most famous bridges in the world. Tower Bridge is one of London's most recognizable landmarks and the possibility of one of the most famous bridges in the world. Spanning the Thames, just next to the Tower of London, it was built in 1894 after 50 architects and designers Entered a competition to design a new bridge for London. Spanning the Thames, just next to visit the Tower of London, was built in 1894 after 50 architects and designers to enter a competition to design a new bridge for London.
Visitors can view London from the high-level walkways and access the Victorian Engine Rooms. Visitors can see London from the sidewalk level and access to high-Victorian Engine Rooms. You can also access the bridge lift schedule for times and dates the which shows the bridge Will Pls rise for large vessels. You can also access the bridge lift schedule showing the time and date when the bridge will rise to large ships.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater, East Java 
Crater Ijen volcano is one tourist attraction in Indonesia. Ijen Crater is a famous tourist attraction, which has been recognized by domestic and foreign tourists because of its natural beauty and charming. 

Greet Barrier Reef

Greet Barrier Reef (Australia, Papuanugini) 
Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system on the planet, with about 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for 2600 miles over an area of approximately 344,400 sq. km. It is the largest single structure made by living things and can be seen from space.
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