Sunday, September 4, 2011

3 The purpose of Sinister Getaways

3. Poenari Castle, Romania 
Romania in the world of awesomeness you would just think with a name "Vlad Dracula" Bran Castle with her, but jgn wrong in Romania itself Poenari more famous haunted castle of Dracula's house itself, in addition to its location adjacent to but also who (supposedly) is here every midnight he was hanging out Dracula. To get to this castle of the tourists have climbed the 1500 stairs.

2. Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy 
Catacombs is a way the funeral of Italy who put lives into the church like a monastery, priest, and his descendants. Catacomb was first performed pd thn 1599. Catacombs who are dehydrated into ceramic bodies shaped like a human form who the original, and some of the bodies embalmed corpse dicuka and not a few who just closed by the glass. Catacombs pd th 1880 was officially closed but the tourists keep visiting krn, then in th 1920, the catacombs was officially reopened today. 

1. Poveglia of Venice, Italy 
It is an island filled with history almost entirely by death. The first time the island was found only to quarantine people with leprosy disease, but in 1922 this island was built a mental hospital a lot of awesomeness going like a madman who plunged from a tower RS TSB, the last recorded 160,000 people who died this small island. If you are traveling inigin this island, are suggested to be close once with TSB penjaga2 garden island

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