Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blue Holes, Goa Underwater

Blue Holes
COME fun again if the can down the blue hole which make up the whole system of underwater caves. When viewed from the sky, the hole look sintimidating. It can be encountered in the Blue Holes, located under water and looks like a blue vertical caves that beautiful. But will to get down the blue hole that only professional divers who can enter it.Few things appear in it because there is almost no life here, because of poor water circulation. This also led to a large number of bacteria to grow.
The biggest underwater cave in the Bahamas has a depth of 202 m(663 ft) and is referred to as Dean's Blue Hole. The situation inside the cave it seems like the fantasies of going underwater world that has different colors mixed beautiful with .very unfortunate that only professional divers who can explore and enjoy a thrilling expedition inthe underwater cave ini.Selain that, inside the cave is still not much to see because almost invisible creatures of the sea due to lack of water circulation in goa.Jika seen from the air, this place looks scary and dangerous as a blue hole (blue holes) is dark in the ocean.oke zone

Roller Coaster World's steepest, Takabisha

YAMANASH. Takabisha is a vehicle that will carry us off to a height of43 meters to 1000 meters along the track line, which features sevenlarge circles that would make us curling up with a speed of only100kmph.Tidak height, the length of the track or seven great circle ofthis amazing vehicle, but most will fascinate is turn which reached 121 degrees, which also makes Takabisha calculations are now in the Guinness Book of World Records as the steepest roller coaster rides in the world. Takabisha thrilling sensation of this we will enjoy for 112detik.while for now, people with steepest roller coaster in the world is a vehicle in Mumbo Jumbo Flamingoland, England who has asteepness of up to 112 derajat.Jadi how? Get ready please register Takabhisa into your vacation agenda if break to the Land of Sakura, Japan. oke zone

Wakatobi Selected United Nations World Biosphere Reserve

Wakatobi dipilih PBB jadi Cagar biosfer dunia. (Foto: Ahmad Nizar)
After the inauguration of him self as a regents underwent definitive second period, Regent Wakatobi, Sulawesi Tenggara, Hugua, with his partner Deputy Regent Wakatobi, H Arhawi will soon be heading to Europe in the framework of readiness Sail-Belitung Wakatobi 2011.
"Today I will go to Europe to attend an International Conference organized by the United Nations through UNESCO institutes, and one of the important agenda in it is the determination of Wakatobi as aWorld Biosphere Reserve," said H Arhawi Hugua accompanied the inauguration of the couple after undergoing Regent and Vice Regent Wakatobi period 2011-2016, the parliament building in North Sulawesi. According Hugua, Wakatobi selected as World Biosphere Reservebecause of the United Nations through UNESCO agencies assess Wakatobi selected as World Biosphere Reserve. Because the origin ofits natural resources are awake and able to fully utilized for the benefitand welfare of its people.
In addition, Wakatobi marine waters have a diversity of coral reefs arequite high, approximately 90 percent of all types of coral reefs in the world.
"This is an important concern for governments and society itself both interms of Wakatobi its preservation and its utilization for the common welfare," lid Hugua
.(Ahmad Nizar/Global/nsa) oke zone

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cerro Torre, Patagonia, Argentina

Perpendicular granite mountain is high exists at 3128 m (10,280 ft)and it seems difficult to overcome. Icons Italian alpinist friend climber Cesare Maestri and Toni Egger Austria ice is not afraid of the snow surrounding the peak and finally managed to conquer it onJanuary 31, 1959. It takes four days to reach the top and thisachievement is remembered by the other climbers. After that by using a different route is achieved by Garibotti, Salvaterra, andBeltrami.

Peak Nameless

This is another name from the top of Trango located above theBaltoro glacier, Baltistan, Northern Pakistan. Of the level reaches6239 m (20,470 ft). Their large size and the many hills along the1000 m enchanting mountain climbers for years. The first climbersever to leave the trail at its peak was a British climber Joe Brown,accompanied by Martin Boysen, Mo Anthoine, and Mlcolm Howells.Currently there are eight separate routes to the summit.

CASTLE Matsumoto

Most Charming in Japan
Matsumoto Castle is one of the best and most historic castles in Japan,located in the city of  Matsumoto in Nagano area that can be takenusing the land route from Tokyo.
The castle was completed in the late 16th century to preserve the original interior wood and rocks beyond. matsumoto castle is the mainland because it is not built on a hill or in the middle of a river.
The castle was built as a fortress during the war. In the year 1550 under the rules of the Matsumoto clan Takeda and Tokugawa leyasu. When Toyotomi Hideyoshi leyasu move to the Kanto region, he puts to lead Ishikawa Norimasa Matsumoto.Norimasa and his sons built a tower and some other parts of the castle.Matsumoko Castle also known as crow castle because of the blackwalls and the roof  looks like a crow's wings flapping.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mont Saint-Michel

In Middle Island
Monastic buildings (owned by the monastery) Gothic architectural stylewas founded the 13th century in the middle of a rocky island in Normandi named Mont Saint-Michel, about one kilometer from the north coast of France at the mouth of the river Couesnon near Avranches. From prehistoric times, the island is covered by the sea,which continued to retreat form the coastal land scape over millions of years.
The island was originally connected with the main land via a land bridge that covered at high tide and visible at low tide. Therefore Mont Saint Michel called Island Place. In 1879, the land bridge was built into a causeway.
The entire island is a milli monastery church. According to legend, the angel appeared to St. Michael. Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, in 708 and ruled he built a church on the island. source:

The Potala Palace

Have 200 000 Statue
The Potala Palace located in Lhasa, Tibet. The building is named the Potala, as with Mount Potala. This castle has been home since the first head of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama went toDharamsala, India after the invasion and uprising in 1959. Now thecastle was used as a museum by the people - Chinese people.
The building, measuring 400 meters long and 350 meters wide, withrocks - rocks on the wall of a width of between 3 -5 m. Foundation is made of copper to prevent damage from earthquakes. building It has 1,000 rooms, more than 10,000 shrines and 200,000 statues.
Height reaches 117 meters. The peak is called Marpo Ri hill, which means red. Three hills represent the three protectors of Tibet Lhasa,Chokpori, south of Potalia god, soul mountain of Vajrapani, Pongwariand Marpori, the hill where the Potala stands representing Chenresigor Avalokiteshvara. source:

Saint Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

This is one of the highest peak of the Swiss Alps and is very tall,with heights reaching 4478 m (14,692 ft). Alpinist British Edward Whymper and his team became the first climb in July 1865. A very dangerous route takes three victims from his team when down it again.

Saman dance

Why is this dance called Saman? Saman dance is on call because it was created by a cleric named Sheikh Saman Aceh at around XIVcentury AD, from the Gayo highlands. Initially, this dance is a popular game called Pok Ane. However, later added to the accompaniment of poems that contain praises to Allah SWT, and accompanied also by a combination of pat-pat of the dancers. At that time, saman dancebecome one of the media propaganda. At first, saman dance only displayed for certain events, especially when celebrating the anniversary of the Great Prophet Muhammad orreferred to Prophet Muhammad 's warning. Typically, Saman dance is shown below under Meunasah (a type of surau stage). However, over the times, too, Saman grow until its use becomes more frequent. Now, dance saman dance can be classified as entertainment /performances, because performances of dance is not bound by time,certain events or ceremonies. Tari Saman can be displayed on every occasion that are crowds and excitement, such as birthday parties, weddings or other celebrations. To place, Saman usually done inhouse, field, and some are using the stage. Tari Saman usually displayed is guided by a leader who is typically called the Sheikh. Sheikh Saman dancers and must work well togetherto create a compact and harmonious movement.
Saman dance is indeed very interesting. Saman dance performance sare not only popular in our own country, but also popular overseas as in Australia and Europe. Recently saman dance in shows in Australia tocommemorate the catastrophic tsunami of 26 December 2006.Therefore, we should be proud of the arts that we have, and preserve it so as not to become extinct.
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